Vic Narurkar, MD, Francesca de Angelis, MD, and Carolyn Chang, MD

The Palomar Lux1540™ non-ablative laser has received the first fractional clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of striae (stretch marks). Millions of women with unwanted stretch marks now have a long-lasting treatment alternative that works. Vic Narurkar, MD, board certified dermatologist and pioneer of laser applications, and Francesca de Angelis, MD, board certified plastic surgeon and expert laser clinician in the treatment of striae, share their experiences using the Palomar 1540 nm fractional laser including results, treatment parameters, client consultation, and pre- and post-treatment care. Discussing the market potential of striae treatment is Carolyn Chang, MD. A board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in full body aesthetic applications and the “mommy makeover”, Dr. Chang discusses how providing striae treatments can expand a practice’s aesthetic offerings and client base.

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