Take a SmartLook at Cynosure’s Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

You’ll learn how to: Achieve beautiful skin from the inside out with two trusted Cynosure technologies – Smartlipo and Smartskin Use the Smartlipo laser to tighten facial tissue* from the inside; then apply the Micro Ablative Smartskin CO2 to resurface skin and treat photo damage from the outside Perform the Madonna Lift – Watch Dr. Katz procedure Sculpt and thighten tissue* without the downtime, incisions and costs of a facelift for dramatically younger, more natural looking results *through tissue coagulation
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The 7 Smartlipo® Methods You Don’t Know About but Should

Get the latest clinical data and best practices to enhance your liposuction methods in 7 different ways: Avoid and reduce complications Acheive superior results with the new Smartlipo TriPlex Establish optimum Smartlipo TriPlex treatment parameters Benefiting from the addition of Smartlipo technology – even if you are an experienced liposuction surgeon Determine temperatures critical for optimal “tissue tightening*” treatment outcomes Add Smartlipo to your liposuction procedures without increasing procedure length Decrease levels of pain for your patients * through tissue coagulation
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New Treatment Approaches for the Aging Face

Join us as aesthetic industry leaders Dr. Deb Sarnoff and Dr. Bruce Katz discuss minimally invasive treatment approaches to rejuvenate the aging face including the treatment of photodamaged skin and wrinkles of the periorbital and perioral areas including treatment protocols for the “Madonna Lift”.
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Changing Dermatology Forever – PicoSure

Join us to hear from the key opinion leaders in dermatology as they discuss what picosecond technology means to their practice, their patients, and the future of dermatology.
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Combination Fractional Treatments for Increased ROI & Satisfaction

Join Dr. Haneef Alibhai, MD; Medical Director of MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, as he discusses the benefits and effectiveness of combining the Palomar® 1540 Fractional non-ablative laser with the Palomar 2940 Fractional ablative laser. Offer a more effective strategy for skin resurfacing by achieving the optimal ablative and coagulative effects to improve texture, wrinkles and photodamaged skin. Deliver the benefits of ablative resurfacing with less risk and less downtime – for higher treatment ROI and improved client satisfaction by using both fractional modalities in one same-day treatment.
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Examining the Science of Laser Body Sculpting

This session reviews clinical studies, results, and methodologies behind advanced developments in body-sculpting. The SlimLipo™ body sculpting laser features unique technology that simultaneously blends 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths for absorption by fat and dermal tissue, respectively. Continuous wave photothermal technology provides superior control of thermal effects for optimal treatments. Robert Weiss, MD discusses these innovations while sharing his own findings with this groundbreaking technology.
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Implementing SlimLipo into your Practice

Leading plastic surgeons Steven Bloch, MD and Brian Klink, MD discuss their previous experiences with liposuction technologies and explain why they chose SlimLipo for their laser-assisted lipolysis system. Learn how these experienced clinicians successfully incorporated SlimLipo into their aesthetic practices for improved clinical results and maximum return on investment.
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The Science of Laser- and Light-Based Aesthetic Technology

Whether you are new the aesthetic industry or want to ensure your aesthetic technology is scientifically sound, this webinar will help bring you back to basics and make decisions based on science. Key takeaways: understand light-tissue interaction and clinical targets, distinguish critical technological factors that are necessary for optimal results, and realize the market potential for laser- and light-based aesthetic procedures.
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MaxG™ Case Studies: Using Optimized Pulsed Light™ To Treat the Most Difficult Vessels and Pigment

Doctors Weiss and Narurkar present their latest case studies using Optimized Pulsed Light (OPL) to treat the most difficult vessels and pigment. Discussing clinical practices and treatment strategies behind their results, our presenters will show how the science of OPL translates to enhanced results.
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The Skintel™ Expert Roundtable and Webcast

Palomar hosted an Expert Roundtable and Webcast live from the 2012 ASLMS Annual Conference to evaluate the Skintel™ Melanin Reader and its use with the Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System. The Skintel reader offers practitioners a quantitative method of measuring melanin content for better treatment guidance and for increased confidence in aesthetic light-based treatments. Listen to this expert panel as they share their experiences with the Skintel Melanin Reader and how it has changed the way they treat their patients.
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