International Perspectives on Skin Resurfacing and Scar and Striae Treatment

Fractional, non-ablative laser therapy has the potential to treat a wide range of striae regardless of depth, pigmentation abnormalities, and anatomical location. Maurice Adatto, MD discusses international clinical findings using the 1540nm wavelength for all skin types and other supplemental investigative procedures providing a comprehensive striae and scar treatment program.
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Latest Developments in Hair, Vessel, and Pigment Treatments

John Burns, M.D., a leading plastic surgeon, describes how using a highly effective and versatile pulsed light platform adds value to his aesthetic practice. Introducing the newest advances in pulsed light technology, Dr. Burns discusses his successful integration of these procedures and how they reduce the need for single wavelength lasers.
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How to Optimize Your Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing Results

With over 21 years of laser experience and years of traditional ablative laser resurfacing in the 1990s, David Kent, M.D. has been able to optimize his fractional ablative skin resurfacing results using the Lux2940. This webinar will discuss technique-specific approaches for removing mature rhytids and enhanced methods for pre- and post- operative care. Multiple clinical cases involving a single operative session successfully performed under topical anesthesia alone will be presented and discussed.
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Scar Revision Update

Through fractional photothermolysis, the Lux1540™ fractional non-ablative laser creates micro-columns of coagulated tissue in the dermis and epidermis, yielding significant improvement in scar appearance and healing time while offering treatment options that can be tailored to the individual’s skin type and nature of the scar. Vic Narurkar, M.D. and David Vasily M.D. will discuss the advantages of this innovative technology and present their own proven treatment methods for a variety of scars.
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Introducing the MaxG: More Power for Clearing Vessels and Pigment

The MaxG™ Optimized Light™ handpiece offers vessel and pigment clearance that can exceed single-wavelength lasers. By using optimized light, the MaxG is capable of treating both superficial and deeper facial vessels. Doctors Ross and Vasily will present the science of Optimized Light — discussing how wavelength filtering, spectral shifting, adjustable pulse duration, and advanced cooling translate into a practical clinical strategy.
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Continuing Advancements in Fractional Technology

Two laser skin resurfacing experts discuss how to maximize results using Palomar® fractional non-ablative technology. Palomar’s fast and highly versatile Lux1440™ laser provides great outcomes in applications ranging from mild skin resurfacing to conditions requiring deeper correction. Dr. Vic Ross and Dr. David Vasily discuss their optimized treatment protocols and results from their many years of experience with thousands of procedures. Expanding applications and improving outcomes with non-ablative procedures make non-ablative lasers one of the best values in aesthetic medicine today.
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Portland, OR: Aesthetic Laser Seminar

This comprehensive seminar covers it all with the latest advances in aesthetic laser treatments from hair removal and laser skin renewal to breathroughs in body contouring and fractional technology. This wide compendium of treatments covered includes: *Cellulaze *Tattoo Removal *Ablative and non-ablative fractional technologies *Wrinkle reduction *Hair removal *Laser skin renewal *Facial and leg spider vein treatments *Sun-damaged skin treatments *and more…. What you will take away: * Up close and personal insight to the industry’s most innovative marketing tools designed to increase patients and raise revenue * A game plan to grow your practice with profitable cosmetic procedures Light fare will be served, compliments of Cynosure, Inc. Cynosure programs provide comprehensive and clinical information on laser applications with various medical lasers and light-based systems. Attendees will receive a certificate of course completion from Cynosure.
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Combination Fractional Treatments for Increased ROI & Satisfaction

Join Dr. Haneef Alibhai, MD; Medical Director of MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, as he discusses the benefits and effectiveness of combining the Palomar® 1540 Fractional non-ablative laser with the Palomar 2940 Fractional ablative laser. Offer a more effective strategy for skin resurfacing by achieving the optimal ablative and coagulative effects to improve texture, wrinkles and photodamaged skin. Deliver the benefits of ablative resurfacing with less risk and less downtime – for higher treatment ROI and improved client satisfaction by using both fractional modalities in one same-day treatment.
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The Science of Laser- and Light-Based Aesthetic Technology

Whether you are new the aesthetic industry or want to ensure your aesthetic technology is scientifically sound, this webinar will help bring you back to basics and make decisions based on science. Key takeaways: understand light-tissue interaction and clinical targets, distinguish critical technological factors that are necessary for optimal results, and realize the market potential for laser- and light-based aesthetic procedures.
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MaxG™ Case Studies: Using Optimized Pulsed Light™ To Treat the Most Difficult Vessels and Pigment

Doctors Weiss and Narurkar present their latest case studies using Optimized Pulsed Light (OPL) to treat the most difficult vessels and pigment. Discussing clinical practices and treatment strategies behind their results, our presenters will show how the science of OPL translates to enhanced results.
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